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Ultra-Low Emissions Diesel Power Generator

Introducing the cleanest and quietest diesel power generators on the market. Exceeding EU Non-Road Mobile Machinery Stage V emissions limits. Achieved without the use of Adblue diesel emissions fluid. With tail pipe emissions often cleaner than ambient air and near zero NOx emissions. No matter what the operating conditions there is no generator that can match its real world emissions reductions.

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No Adblue required

The Clean Air Energy Box is the only ultra low emissions power generator on the market that does not require Adblue to treat emissions. That means no potential breakdowns due to injector, dosing lines, or pump fouling or crystallisation. Our system does not require COSH procedures and delivers unparalleled real world emissions reduction. Minimising downtime in critical standby power generators. Designed to withstand the harshest environments.

Alternative fuels

Benefiting from our partnership with Royal Dutch Shell all our generators are developed to utilise the cleanest fuels such as Shell Gas to Liquid (GTL). This fuel can reduce engine out emissions even further reducing NOx emissions by a further 20% and diesel particulate emissions by 32%. An unbeatable combination of the latest technology in both fuel and engine emissions after-treatment. A Clean Air Energy Box fuelled on Shell GTL is peerless in emissions reduction, protecting the environment from toxic air pollutants.


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